Stopped up wook

Story by Anonymous, edited by Donny O’Malley In Iraq I was taking a dump in a porta-shitter next to a female and I heard her moaning. I thought, “oh fuck yeah, she’s playing with [...]

Gummy Pussy

Story by Cody Bynes, edited by Donny O’Malley COP Payne, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. We had a bunch of packages sent to us by some kids, and in the packages were jars of gummy bears. [...]

Boston Bomber

Story by David H. Beemer, edited by Donny O’Malley   Marjah 2010, PB Shanfield. I go to the shitter to rub one out. The shitter was made out of plywood and had a tarp for a door. The [...]

My Virgin LT

Story by Chris J. McAninch, edited by Donny O’Malley   While at Mojave Viper, we were at our Platoon PB. After a day full of training coming to an end we were all smoking and joking, [...]

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